Gem State Health Insurance will help you make the right choice when buying health insurance.  Below are some of the services we provide to our clients;

-       Interpretation of EOB (Explanation of Benefits)

-       Spreadsheet Comparisons

-       Minimum Premium Options

-       Refund Agreement Plans

-       Multi-State Group Plans

-       Broker to Broker Consulting

-       Broker to Business/Individual

-       Administrative Service Options (ASO)

-       Self-Funding/Partial Self-Funding

-       Fully Insured Programs

-       Health Plan Analysis

-       Group and Individual Dental, Medical, Life and Disability Insurance

-       Home and Auto Insurance Referrals

-       Temporary/Short-Term Health Insurance

Regardless of where you live in Idaho, Washington, Montana or Arizona, we can help you find the health plan that best fits your needs.